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The perfect spirit with Indian cuisine

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It goes beautifully with Indian cooking. You could have this instead of a G&T at the beginning of a meal.

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This is a fine new aperitif
and it goes down a treat
with spicy food.


A new drink aimed specifically to match with spicy dishes. Yes it works, especially topped up with tonic.


Sollasa is a lower alcohol alternative to gin crafted by experts to pair with Indian cuisine

All-natural citrus, herbs and cooling spice

A delicious blend of orange zest, lime and lychee, with herbaceous notes of mint and basil, the cooling fragrant spice of coriander seeds and cardamom, and a pinch of sea salt.

Designed specifically for Indian cuisine

Sollasa has been developed with leading chefs, mixologists and food scientists to complement the unique flavours of Indian cuisine. Say goodbye to generic lager and wine.

Lower alcohol alternative to gin

At 20% ABV, Sollasa is a tasty lower alcohol alternative to gin for every occasion. The modern aperitif - perfect in cocktails and delectable with your favourite Indian dish.

THe New "G&T" has arrived

Our favourite serve is a Sollasa & Tonic. It’s less than 100 calories and half the alcohol of a standard G&T. So you can enjoy drinking with friends, without the headache tomorrow.

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Goodbye mismatched drinks. Hello perfect partners...