It goes beautifully with Indian cooking. You could have this instead of a G&T at the beginning of a meal.

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh

This is a fine new aperitif
and it goes down a treat
with spicy food.

Susy Atkins

A new drink aimed specifically to match with spicy dishes. Yes it works, especially topped up with tonic.


A light refreshing spirit with mandarin, lychee and cardamom, that goes deliciously with food

Lychees, oranges and limes

A Unique blend of exotic ingredients

Inspired by India, the home of our heritage, Sollasa combines flavours of mandarin, lychee, lime, mint and cardamom. A citrus-forward sensation, with fresh herbs and cooling spice.

A light refreshing spirit at 20% ABV

Sollasa is half the alcohol of gin. So you can enjoy it long into the evening without worrying about tomorrow. Whether in an adventurous cocktail or the classic Sollasa & Tonic.

Sollasa cocktail with some Indian dishes

It goes deliciously with food

We know pairing food and drink can be tricky. With its refreshing lightness and delicate blend of ingredients enjoyed in cuisines around the world, Sollasa goes beautifully with food.

Our Products

Our products

  • Sollasa
    A refreshingly light spirit with mandarin, lychee and cardamom.
    Delicious with food
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  • Sollasa Taster Box
    Two 5cl bottles of Sollasa and 2 cans of soda give the ideal introduction to Sollasa.
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A Tastier "G&T" has arrived

Our favourite serve is the Sollasa & Tonic. It’s less than 100 calories and half the alcohol of a standard G&T. So you can enjoy it long into the evening without worrying about tomorrow.

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A flavour filled adventure...

Sollasa was a hit on ITV

In a review with Andy Clarke, Sollasa went down a treat with Alan Titchmarsh and his guests on ITV's Love Your Weekend.

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