Sollasa sails into UK hospitality sector with Ten Locks

The ink has dried on a new partnership between Ten Locks and authentic Indian spirit brand, Sollasa. The deal will see the Ten Locks team distribute and supply the product to the UK hospitality sector, particularly premium Indian restaurants and contemporary fusion dining venues.   

Sollasa burst on to the UK drinks scene in July 2021, and has caused much excitement with its unique proposition: it is the first spirit designed specifically to complement Indian cuisine to be launched in the UK.  

Sollasa is a grain-based, lower alcohol spirit, blended to 20% abv. It’s made from all natural ingredients, bringing together orange zest, lime, lychee, mint, basil, coriander seeds, cardamom, and a pinch of sea salt.  


It was developed by Vishal Patel and his brother-in-law Sajag Patel, in collaboration with leading chefs, mixologists and food scientists, to address the opportunity to inspire consumers with a new drinks option to accompany Indian food. The pair’s mission was to create a drink that genuinely complements Indian cuisine’s complex flavours, so that consumers need no longer settle for ill-fitting drinks, such as lager and wine, but can enjoy an authentic and exciting alternative.  


As an all-natural, vegan friendly, low-sugar spirit that is half the alcohol of gin and fewer than 100 calories when served with light tonic, Sollasa ticks many of the boxes for today’s conscious consumers.  


Sollasa is more than just an aperitif; with its natural refreshment and expertly designed flavour profile it can be enjoyed throughout the Indian dining occasion - from before eating, to during the meal and after. Such is Sollasa’s deep partnership with food, that its name was inspired by the Manasollasa, a 12th century Sanskrit text considered to be one of the first Indian recipe books.  


Becky Davies, head of commercial at Ten Locks, says: “There’s a huge buzz in the industry about Sollasa – it’s such a unique product and the team has created an exciting solution to the longstanding drinks choice problem facing Indian food consumers, so we’re delighted to be appointed as distribution partner.”


“Indian cuisine is one of the UK’s favourites, and the number of restaurants and dining outlets offering Indian-influenced food continues to grow – especially within premium, fusion, and regional speciality venues.”   


“So much love and expertise has gone into making Sollasa and it’s exciting to see new spirits makers bringing something so innovative to the UK drinks scene. It comes in a beautiful bottle with striking branding and will certainly appeal to those looking for exciting drinks with contemporary flavour profiles to enhance the Indian dining experience.”  


“Sollasa is a modern, dynamic and culturally inclusive brand, and we’re incredibly proud to bring such an authentic, distinctive spirit to the industry. It offers venues the opportunity to capitalise on a huge incremental sales opportunity, catering for consumers opting out of the typical drinks menu and presenting a drink that truly complements Indian cuisine.”   


“Outside of this sector it stands up as an exciting alternative to gin at a lower abv while being full of flavour. Sollasa is a credible and unusual, upmarket addition to back bars and cocktail menus.”   


Co-founders Vishal and Sajag Patel were raised on Indian food and wanted to bring an authentic and exciting drink to the UK Indian dining experience. Vishal Patel, says:   


“Indian food is full of character and flavour and the Indian hospitality sector is vibrant with a lot of reinvention and creativity around their spaces and menus. However, its drinks offering is yet to be reinvigorated. Lager and white wines tend to be the go-to choices, but we know consumers are ready and open to something more authentic and custom-made.” 


“We’ve worked hard to craft a drink that authentically complements Indian cuisine and also suits modern drinking preferences, namely lower alcohol content, lower sugar and all natural ingredients, but still packed with flavour. Since the launch in July, we’ve had so much positive feedback and interest. Our partnership with Ten Locks will take our footprint in the UK to the next level.”   


“There’s a lack of diversity in drinks so we’re keen to champion a more modern industry and Ten Locks works hard to drive positive change through conscious drinks brands. We’re looking forward to working together and can’t wait to get the bottles out onto barbacks around the UK.”  


Ten Locks will lead the brand’s growth, focusing on restaurants, bars, Indian-themed dining outlets, upmarket venues and foodhalls.   


Sollasa joins premium spirits brands Ace + Freak, Cambusier, Bourgoin Cognac, Salford Rum, Mary White Vodka, Nusa Caña Rum, Applewood Gin, Diablesse Rum, Banhez Mezcal, El Tequileño, Langley’s Gin, Redwood Empire and West Cork Irish Whiskey in Ten Locks’ progressive portfolio of drinks brands with a difference. Visit for further information.